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Overview - popular racks

You can compare our vast selection of wine shelving systems in our showroom (by appointment only conctact ) Select and chose between in excess of 20 different lines.

Our showroom is located at Bärchistrasse 7, 8460 Marthalen. You can obviously "chose, pay and take away" your racks of choice directly ex works in 8450 Andelfingen (see herebelow).


Not all our systems are produced a hundred per cent by hand, as our exclusive SandyLine White Line Edition for example but every series is being manufactured by WineOnTheRocks since 1978 in upstate Zurich. Our modular wine racks are, with the exception of a few lines manufactured exclusively by hand, available ex warehouse (ie. stock) at all times.

uncompareable WOTR
wine racks made of stone

Manufactured by WineOnTheRocks made of natural and reconstituted stone (depending on series)

Metallic modular wine racks
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WOTR wine rack shop Switzerland ONLY

While we deliver where ever fine wines are consumed (we've completed projects from California [Menlo Park] to South Korea [Yong Pyeong] and many more in between, at present, this shop is Switzerland only. Drop us a mail for inquiries other than Switzerland.

Meanwhile you can also get our price list from our "download" area.


(only) the rainforests (land biosphere) and the atmosphere absorbs what the human being greenhouse gas released, but in particular the oceans with their algae and "corals" are for the absorption of CO2 and release of Oxygen O2 responsible! The role of our Oceane as the largest CO2 - storage is only really known to a few people.

And right there

is the starting point of our project "CORALLIUM LIFE". We give the broad population insights into the underwater world (SHOW) and create thus knowledge (KNOW), in order to finally ensure the protection of the Oceane from Switzerland and to promote our questioning behavior (ACT). We achieve this goal with the striking demonstration of functioning and non-functional ecosystems.

Coral breeding

Our plants are built with a demonstration tank (natural habitat), a technical tank (for filter media/ skimmers etc.) and a settling tank (young corals and fragments) in a water circuit. In cooperation with our partners, water analyses are carried out and the results are processed using the knowledge and experience gained from our facilities.

Sale of offspring

Through the sale of ....