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We WORK either underground (aka in the cellar) or in the vineyard hands on. Our manufacturing is low tech. We're the opposite of marketing suits sitting in an airconed office.

Mail contact prefered. We're a small, family owned manufacturing company and work our own vineyards. We're always happy to call you back (+41523012888) but are usually swifter in replying to mail (see below).

Our legal address is: Route du Nasot 8, CH-1955 Chamoson

ARCave Showroom:

By appointment only - ausschliesslich nach Voranmeldung - seulement sur rendez-vous

Showroom address: Bärchistrasse 7, CH-8460 Marthalen


ARCave prefabricated, made to measure vaults are the most versatile cellar modular cellar construction building supplies available anywhere.

Vaulted cellar architecture


Due to its versatility in applications, there are no limits to individual design options.

ARCave design


Completed or projects under construction.

ARCave projects

Exterior extention (to an existing or new structure)

This vault option is tagged onto an existing building or annexed underground, with direct access to a new construction.


Integrated placement

An ARCave vault can only be integrated into new construction projects. The same principles apply as with ARCave vaults placed underground. As basements tend to be made of re-inforced poured concrete, the clay vaulted cellars help to regulate the ambiant humidity and add to temperature stabilisation due to the thermal mass (added weight).


Free standing or independant placements

Building structure independant placements with individual access.

The ARCave modular vaults can be literally placed anywhere underground. This application is ideal for barrel cellars on sloped (inclined) properties. Hillside or in the mountains for example.


Access from the vaulted side

While we have standard access options, the access on the side is adapted to the situation on each particular construction site.


Frontal access

While we manufacture the appropriate clay walls made to measure for such situations, more often than not, such options are attached to existing concrete basement structure. Check out the options in the "look book" PDF in our download area (LINK)


Multiple accesses

While it is possible to have separately accessed sections on a long lateral vaulted ARCave for example, this option is also used for residential condos where a larger installation is being shared by different parties.


Frontal access door

There's an option of a square or rounded door.
These are the standard dimensions:

width B 90 cm x height 210 cm
width B 100 cm x height 210 cm

Access dimensions sideways

As of a vaulted length of 1.55 m, a door recess can be placed all 25cm.

Option of a square or rounded door.

Standard dimensions options:
width B 90 cm x height 210 cm
width B 100 cm x height 210 cm

ARCave barrique cellars

Clay's ideal for barrique cellars due to their climatic and physical properties. They are made to measure and very fast in terms of assembly, hence extremely cost effective.

ARCave for wine collections

The prefab clay elements are very versatile. Due to their "free standing" in the ground of your yard, they can be sized accordingly. The modular aspect fascilitates the assembly and hence the systeme is extremely competitive in terms of pricing in addition to being perfect in terms of hygro/thermo regulating properties of the material used (clay). Perfect for precious wine collections.

Large format ARCave for vats

Vat cellars is one of our specialities. These large format prefab elements are ideal for underground, temp stabilized wine production. In addition to vat cellars, we've built dozens of cheese aging cellars. 

Smart details

How about an additional ARCave en suite for an elegant restroom?

Divided sections

Separate your ARCave into different sections. Separations by climate levels or collection status. (Hidden compartments for truly spectacular wines underground.

Active or passive

cellaring or a combination thereof. Everything's possible. Reach out to us for details.

ARCave made to measure - assembly

What we understand with regard to wine cellar construction. True and massive passive cellars.

Details ARCave vaulted cellars

Largest selection of wine racks anywhere

If you can imagine it, we can build it. We have been manufacturing the largest selection of proprietary wine racks in Switzerland, since 1978. (for prices, check out our download area).

Modular wine racking systems

Our product lines range from modular stone wine racks to metallic shelving systems that stack without tools.

Check our entire range here: wine racks   (for a quick overview, check the look book in the download area)

Keep scrolling for ARCave passive cellars.

After nearly 45 years underground

we're working our way up. From hardware to software so to speak...

Dream ARCave, irrespective of large or...
small but perfect

Due to it's modular and prefabricated qualities, were able to manufacture any size to fit your requirements. Take advantage of our experience reaching back to 1978.

Multiple ARCaves

It's very easy to assemble a suite of cellars with our system. You can't see old bricks anymore? No worries, we build modern, prohibitively expensive and extreme ARCaves as well! Check us out.

What we live to do


ARCave vaulted prefab building supplies since 1978

made to measure. check it out.


Ideally placed under your vines. A true passive (and/or active) wine cellar underground. Nothing more natural.